Our Company Overview

BMIT Solutions Limited is an IT service provider Technology Company providing highly scale-able software development (ERP Solutions, MIS, etc.), web design & development, mobile application (App & Game) development, 2D & 3D animation movie development, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Digital Marketing solution with innovative approaches and advanced methodologies, and also providing corporate & professional training services. The company focused on research & develop products, providing end to end solutions in web application engineering, since 1st July, 2019.

BMIT Solutions Limited provides its clients with a variety of automated offshore business solutions. We aspire to revolutionize the web design & development, ERP, MIS, Accounting, HR Management & Android industry through creativity and innovation. Our head office is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh and our operations team working also in Banani, Dhaka. We provide services ranging from Java, PHP, JavaScript, Android, Apple Mac – ios, Oracle, WordPress to Lead Generation. BMIT Solutions Limited has worked with all sorts of big and small companies not only local but also world wide; though we consider ourselves specialized in small business and startup outsourcing. We would love to be a part of your successful business story.

Welcome in the world of BMIT Solutions Limited:

As a successful business man or as a service provider we all have to do repetitive work, Right! Why waste our precious time by doing the things that can be automated anyway. We try to solve your real life problem by making automation software and we believe we are good at it. We are not gonna say our solution is the best. Here, in BMIT Solutions Limited, we believe there can always be a better one. No matter how efficient your current solution is, we don’t believe a particular solution can be best and we don’t take anything for granted, we are believe in up-gradation and want to use modern technology to reach highest facilities in present & future globalization. We believe that, makes us who we are right now super human the only Species that never settled. What do you think and want?

You may think these guys are crazy. And we will say you are absolutely right. Maybe because here we still believe in skill, research and development.

“Setup Target – Take Action – Talent & Hard-working Team Members – Quality Production – Achieve Goal”

BMIT Solutions provides its clients with a variety of offshore business solutions. We aspire to revolutionize the web development, ERP System & Android industry through creativity and innovation.